HUM Companies adopts as a principle to improve and grow with its colleagues who are daring, responsible experts in their fields and can think strategically for providing the best service to their customers. Our purpose is to use human resources in the most efficient and operative way in being a customer-oriented company which is environment-friendly and responsive to occupational health and safety, appreciates its workers, constantly develops its technology and gets its strength from the creativity of its workers.

Those written below establish our human resources policies for providing a constant development and reaching these purposes by knowing that our most important value is our workers;

  • Establishing and implementing systems regarding selecting and employing, determining the human resource characteristics that we need based on right person for the right job philosophy,

  • Implementing all of our legal liabilities for our workers within the scope of legal regulations and taking measures which will perpetuate the trust and loyalty of our workers,

  • Providing necessary conditions for keeping our workers motivation at the highest peak,

  • Supporting our workers with trainings which will contribute both their occupational and personal growth and presenting a working environment which they can introduce their creativity,

  • Creating an equality of opportunity between our workers in every respect and following an open and clear management policy for this purpose,

  • Establishing and operating systems which will create extra values for both our workers and our company by evaluating the personal differences properly,

  • Evaluating the performance of our workers by measuring objective criteria,

  • Creating and implementing policies which will establish a team spirit, provide a habit of working and acting together for a common purpose,

  • Performing the necessities regarding occupational health and safety for our workers