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  • Lecithin is the most important byproduct of the edible oil processing industry because of its wide application and functionality in food and industrial utility.

  • Utilization of lecithins has expanded beyond the traditional application in paints, chocolate, and margarine. Food technologists have used lecithin as a functional ingredient in many modern systems. Its multifunctional properties and its “natural” status make commercial lecithin an ideal food ingredient..

  • The wet lecithin, normally 30-50% water can enrich moisture content lower than 0.2% by using a vertical thin film evaporator or a horizontal thin film evaporator with adjustable residence time. Moisture from wet gums is evaporated and resultant product is cooled in order to receive dry lecithin.

  • In order to maximize lecithin’s utility and functionality, processing conditions all the way back to the bean or seed must be carefully controlled.