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HUM, as in all edible oil technologies, pioneers all companies in the market in extraction systems. The extraction systems, which HUM has developed and installed, are operating trouble free in the world.

HUM, which has been actively operating in the field of solvent based oil seed extraction, is proud of his reference of tens of solvent extraction plants with capacity between 50 and 5.000 tons/day installed worldwide.

Based on his experience and the regular appearance in the market, HUM solvent extraction technology is being progressed continuously in order to meet the needs of the customers.

The distinguishing properties of our solvent extraction plant:

  • Ease at operation

  • Minimum personnel requirement

  • High automation,

  • Low consumption

  • Low cost of maintenance

  • Compliant with all standard oil seed process

  • Long drainage zone assures low solvent carry over to DTDC

  • Automatic miscella filter assures always clean full miscella

  • Very efficent mineral oil absorption system quaranties very low hexan in air.

  • PLC circuits can be changed easily via internet

HUM Extraction Unit has the following process steps;

  • HUM Extractor, to thermally and mechanically gentle to feed and product produces high yields of perfect extracts, the concentration difference and thereby the extraction effect are at an optimum, resulting in low residual oil contents in the meal.

  • HUM DTDC, to remove the solvent from the solvent-laden meal, toast the meal to control anti nutritional factors, and reduce the moisture and temperature of the meal to levels appropriate for storage and transport.

  • HUM Miscella Distillation, to thermally separate the miscella into a liquid oil fraction and solvent vapor fraction

  • HUM Solvent Recovery, to condense the solvent vapor and water vapor, and then physically separate the liquid water from the liquid solvent such that the solvent can be recycled back to the extractor, and the waste water can be safely discharged from the plant

  • HUM Mineral Oil Absorption System, to absorb the residual solvent out of this effluent air stream to less than 1% by weight of solvent before it is safely discharged to atmosphere

  • HUM Zero Effluent Discharge System, to eliminate the wastewater from your solvent extraction plant.




HUM Sliding Bucket Extractor offers the following advantages:

  • Low Material Bed, Large Extraction Surface

  • Double passage shallow bed extraction

  • No friction between extractor housing and the meal.

  • Long life time for stainless steel wedge wire screen plates

  • Thanks to its compact body structure, it is pre-assembled for delivery, easy transportation, simple and easy installation on site.

  • All bearings are in the extractor body, exctractor main gearbox bearing only outside, so there is no risk of solvent leakage.

  • Compliant with all standard oil seed process

  • Min. personnel requirement, easy operation, easy maintenance.

  • Long drainage zone assures low solvent carry over to DTDC.

  • Planetary gearbox provides high torque with low electricity consumption.

  • In case of irregular product feeding, the extractor is not affected by the cake circulating in the buckets.

  • Low cost of maintenance.

  • Low mechanical moving parts

  • To prevent hexane escape into the atmosphere, the extractor feeder bunker always has a minimum cake height. The continuous level control system always ensures the minimum cake level.

  • There is no risk of clogging the screens due to specially V-profile stainless steel wedge wire screens

  • The product is turned upside down in half of the extraction time, this process provides a better and homogeneous filtration.

  • Minimal leakage risk thanks to simple and safe body design

  • The cake in the buckets is always in solvent, the misella/solvent level on the cake is 100-120 mm, as a result of which there is a dipping effect in the cake.

Please check our brochures for more details:

HUM Extractor Brochure




The solvent-laden meal exiting the extractor contains 26-30% solvent by weight. The purpose of the Desolventizing process is to remove the solvent from the solvent-laden meal, toast the meal to control ant nutritional factors, and reduce the moisture and temperature of the meal to levels appropriate for storage and transport.

Reverse current multi-level toasters offer the following advantages:

  • Low solvent content in cake

  • Low humidity in cake

  • Low steam consumption for solvent free / toasting operation

  • Less residue in toaster waste steam.

  • Longer residence time in toaster.

  • Full automatic control of operation


HUM Zero Effluent Discharge System

The HUM Zero Effluent Discharge System is designed to eliminate the wastewater from The HUM Extraction plant. The water waste is concentrated in specially designed pressure vessels and converted to approx. 2 barg steam for recycle in the as a spurge steam. Blowdown water from the cooling tower can also be added for further savings.