Rendering Fat Screw Press

15 to 100 ton/day raw material processing capacity

  • Hard Faced Wear Parts & Spare Parts for Longer Lifetime
  • Low noise & High Performance with Planetary Gearbox
  • Simple Operation & Low Maintenance
  • Competitive prices & Short delivery time & Long service life
  • Optional Cake Breaker
  • With the best automation systems, everything is under your control

HUM Fat Screw Presses are designed with the most advanced technology and engineering:

HUM Fat Screw Presses are developed to achieve the highest oil from mechanical extraction of dried animal by-products

Model FRP 05 FRP 15 FRP 30
Capacity (ton/day) input 15-25 40-60 80-100
Oil content in cake (%) 8-15
Main motor power (kW) 37-45 75-90 110-160
Dimension (LxWxH) 3500x750x1350 4900x900x1600 5200x1000x1600
Weight (kg) 5.000 11.300 12.400
Values may vary depending on the product type or condition


Rendering Fat Screw Press
  • PLANETARY REDUCER provides silent operation, infinite lifetime and high efficiency with oil cooler system which has low oil consumption, operated with cooled oil circulation. Reducers that are used in presses and cookers are planetary type reducers which guarantee the most efficient, silent and non-vibrating operation in a compact volume.
  • HARD FACED WEAR PARTS and spare parts consist of unique welding process, multi-layer hard facing, pure alloy on the final surface, high abrasion and corrosion resistance. The wear parts of screw presses (worms, collars, cage bars) have long lifetime.
  • WORM & COLLAR are made of special alloy, strengthened by heat treatment or custom manufactured with armor as an alternative. Worms are designed to receive maximum yield from the presses and they have been specially processed and manufactured from materials with the longest life span. Surfaces are upgraded to high hardness value in order to have optimum lifetime.
  • FREQUENCY CONTROLLED FEEDING SCREW; speed adjustment of feeding screws is controlled by frequency and they are designed to obtain maximum feeding according to features of the raw material. Revolution of the feeding screw is controlled with frequency adjustment, thus maximum operation capacity of the press is ensured. Feeding screw is driven by a reducer motor.
  • CAKE BREAKER, Cake breaker (optional) is mounted on the press outlet section and it is designed to break the cake into smaller pieces, therefore it provides convenience for the transportation and capacity. Moreover it helps the pre-extraction cake crusher work more efficient and provides uniform size for cake pieces.
  • MAIN SHAFT provides the best efficiency by cooling with the continuous water circulation system. The press main shaft is drilled and equipped with a stainless steel pipe and a special sealed cooling system to provide continuous cooling water circulation.
  • HYDRAULIC CAGE OPENING SYSTEM; when cage is needed to be opened or closed, the system opens and closes the cages very easily with the help of a strong telescopic piston and an electric hydraulic power unit.