HUM OIL PRESS; it is designed to produce oil and cake, by extracting oil by pressing oil seeds in the worms of the press after they are conditioned at cooker. According to the entry conditions of the next extraction unit, required amount of oil is left in cake. The construction of the press has a very important role in ensuring accuracy of the oil amount to remain in cake and the capacity.

HUM Press consists of a continuous, helical thread that revolves within a stationary, perforated cylinder. As the shaft turns, there is a reduction in volume that results in pressure in the pressing section. The extracted oil flows through the slots distributed over the barrel circumference. The foots-laden extracted oil collected in the oil pan is delivered to the HUM Oil Foots Separator (HFSP). Oil cake leaves the HUM Press through an adjustable conical annular cross-section and is then delivered to the HUM Cake Cooler (HCCL)

Design, material and life time of the cage bars, scraper bars and worms is very critical. Also, the motor, belt-drum, reducer, press main shaft, bearings and the body, where the pressing power is transmitted, have been developed to meet the demand in the best manner using the most advanced technology and engineering. The importance of research-development is ever increasing in today’s economy, where competition at the highest level is being experienced. Firms are could only survive by attaining and using the technological developments in the shortest time.

HUM Oil Cold Presses (HCPR) is designed for single-finish pressing without seed preheating, or for pressing at low temperatures. HUM Oil Cold Press (HCPR) processes removed hulls in HUM Dehulling (HDHL) that has been crushed in HUM Crushing (HCRC) according to its type, as well as uncrushed feedstock.

HUM Oil Finish Presses (HFPR) are designed for single-finish pressing without following HUM Extraction (HEXT) the finish press processes cleaned in (HDHL), crushed in (HCRC) and hydro-thermally prepared seed.

HUM Oil Pre-Presses (HPPR) is designed for pre-pressing in HUM Oil Seed Preparation (HPRP) for HUM Extraction (HEXT), or as the pre-stage for secondary pressing operation. The finish press processes cleaned in (HDHL) crushed in (HCRC) and hydro-thermally prepared seed.

With the modifications and the renovations made in the new model Oil Screw Presses, which are the latest product of HUM’s research and development activities,

  • We have improved the ease of use and safety,
  • We have extended the lifetime and reduced cost of operation,
  • We have ensured less need for maintenance and operation with less cost of maintenance of HUM OIL SCREW PRESSES.


APPLICATION Full Press Pre-Press
Model NYP 15F NYP 30F NYP 60F NYP 15 NYP 30 NYP 60
Capacity (ton/day) Sunflower, Canola 25-35 50-60 90-100 130-150 250-300 500-600
Soy, Cottonseed 50-60 90-100 160-170
Oil content in cake (%) 5-8 5-8 5-8 17-20 17-20 17-20
Main motor power (kW) 75 160 315 110 250 500
HUM Press NYP60


  • PLANETARY REDUCER, the planet reducer with silent operation, ensuring eternal life and high productivity, with low oil consumption, operating with cooled oil circulation by oil cooler; press and cooker reducers are planetary reducers in compact volume, which guarantee the most efficient, the most silent and vibration-free operation. With the reducers, which are the most critical element of power transmission system, productivity is improved by maintenance and failure free eternal life. Reducers are flange coupled to the press body and provide direct power transmission. It is a reducer of the most advanced technology, resistant to extreme conditions.
  • WORM AND COLLAR, Worms made of special alloy, strengthened by means of heat treatment or customs manufactured with armor as an alternative;
    Worms are designed to get the highest yield from the press. They are made of the materials with the longest life time, and subjected to special treatment. Surfaces have high hardness values thus optimum life is ensured.
  • FREQUENCY CONTROLLED FEEDING SCREW, The feeding screw of which revolution is frequency controlled, ensuring maximum feeding depending on the property of the material; revolution of the feeding screw is adjusted frequency controlled and thus maximum capacity operation of the press is ensured. Feeding screw is driven by a reducer motor.
  • THE MAIN SHAFT The shaft, which is cooled by permanent water circulation, ensures the best productivity. The main shaft of the press is equipped with a cooling system with stainless steel piping and special packing to ensure permanent cold water circulation.
  • HYDRAULIC CAGE OPENER, when cage is to be opened and closed, it opens and closes the cages very easily with the help of a strong telescopic piston and electric hydraulic power unit without feeling any difficulty and spending much time.


HUM Spare Parts for Screw Press

The eqiupment consist of unique welding process, multi-layer hard facing, pure alloy on the final surface, high abrasion and corrosion resistance. The wear parts of screw presses (worms, collars, cage bars) are under the guarantee of HUM for 18 months in operation time. HUM collaborates with “T-1 ADA” company, which is specialized in corrosion and abrasion resistance spare parts manufacturing.

  • Milling out from one piece – very strong structure
  • Welding (hard facing) by robot in furnace under high temperature
  • 4-5 mm hard layer by side
  • Unique welding process, multi-layer hard facing, pure alloy on the final surface, high abrasion and corrosion resistance
  • Grinded and polished final surfaces
  • With threaded holes (easy disassembly)
  • Sealing groove (viton or stainless steel rings) to save the main shaft



Oil seeds must be cooked in cooker beforehand in order to improve oil productivity and to evaluate cake better. So, during pressing seed gains an appropriate structure and oil cell is easily broken down, releasing oil and humidity. Humidity, which is released by the gradually increasing temperature, is removed from the vents. With the adjustment of seed temperature in the cooker, optimum seed properties, which must be attained before and after pressing, are obtained. In practice, cooker diameter, heating surface, steam pressure and blending rate is determined based on press capacity.

HUM Cooking is engineered for the cooking and/or conditioning of oilseeds during the HUM Oil Seed Preparation (HPRP) process previous to the HUM Oil Pressing (HPRS) or HUM Flaking (HFLK). Vertical multi-stage cookers with floors or horizontal rotary conditioners of simple stage and big size are used. Besides sterilizing and decontaminate the seeds, this process objective is to provide them with plasticity, reduce the oil’s viscosity and clot the proteins.

Type NYT 22-5 NYT 24-6 NYT 30-7 NYT 30-8 NYT 35-9 NYT 35-10 NYT 40-9 NYT 50-12
Diameter (mm) 2200 2400 3000 3000 3500 3500 4000 5000
Stage 5 6 7 8 9 10 9 12
Heating Area (m²) 19 27 50 56 86 96 113 235
Main Motor (kw) 18 22 45 55 75 90 110 200
Overall Dimensions (mm) without motor and gearbox Ø2600x3750 Ø2800x4500 Ø3500x7500 Ø3500x8250 Ø4000x9500 Ø4000x10250 Ø4500x9900 Ø5500x12000
Weight (kg) 8.000 11.000 25.000 28.000 41.000 46.000 65.000 110.000


  • Flow of oil is easier because oil, of which seed structure is disorderly, is combined in clusters with the influence of heat
  • Viscosity of oil is reduced and its extraction from seed becomes easier.
  • The protein in the seed is clogged with the influence of water and heat and the seed tissue gains a structure that easily releases oil
  • Because seed is blended by blades in the pan, it is also ground. Thus the broken membranes of cells gain a tender and brittle structure with the influence of heat.
  • Water surrounding oil clusters is removed with the dehumidifying
  • Because humidity level of seed drops to around 4-4,5%, the useful capacity of the press is increased


  • PLANETARY REDUCER, the planet reducer providing silent operation, long life and high productivity
  • BLENDING ARMS, the tips of arms having an angle of 35 degrees with cooker surface is designed to prevent accumulation of seeds; they are also designed not to leave oil seed at the bottom of the cooker and not to deform cooker sheets, combined in a manner to form a strong construction.
  • DEHUMIDIFIER, a system with dehumidifier chimney, connected to each cell of the cooker by adjustable flaps, through stainless steel ventilation fan.
  • PIN JOINT, cooker steam trays bottom and top sheets are joined by pins.
  • PRESSURE TEST, pressure test made by specialists pursuant to the regulations about pressurized vessels and the CE certificate received from the accredited organizations of the world.



It is necessary to use the HUM Oil Screening Tank to reduce the sediment ratio in the oil to a certain level before it is sent to the decanter or metallic filter to filter the pre-existing sediment.

The screen allows the residue to be removed from the oil by means of specially profiled wedge wire screens and thrown out.

These specially profiled wire screens are placed above the oil level and fixed. The residue, which accumulates in the bottom of the prismatic oil tank, is collected on the screen with pellet scrapers.

MODEL SC 15 SC 30 SC 45
Capacity (ton/day) 150 300 450
Screening area (m²) 4 6 9
Overall dimensions (mm) 4100 x 1850 x 1850 5250 x 2000 x 2100 6500 x 2400 x 2400
Foots content in oil (%) 3 - 5
Weight (kg) 3.300 4.100 5.800
Main motor power (kW) 2,2 + 1,1 4 + 1,1 7,5 + 1,1


HUM Cake Crusher

An important step before solvent extraction is to bring the cake from the oil press to the desired part size/size. Thus, the efficiency of the extractors in the solvent extraction unit is increased. Hum cake crusher should be used for this process.

Type KS 410 KS 416
Capacity (Ton/24 hours) 300 500
Roll Quantity 2 2
Roll Dimensions (mm) 400 x 1000 400 x 1600
Main Motor Power (kW) 22 30
Weight (kg) 3.920 kg 6.350 kg
Length-Width-Height (mm) 1614 x 1300 x 1551 2600 x 1900 x 1850


HUM Cake Cooler

The temperature of oily cake coming from screw press, is too high for processing in the extraction. In order to enter the cake into the extractor, it’s temperature is needed to be decreased to 50 - 55 ’C. HUM Cake Coolers (HCCL), such as horizontal type, with pallet, with fixed special sectional screen, with aspiration system are used for cooling of many kind of oily seed cake.