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The construction of the press has a very important role in ensuring accuracy of the oil amount to remain in cake and the capacity. The design, material and life of worms and collar, cage bars and scraper are critical. In addition to this, the engine, reducer, belt-pulley, press main shaft, bearings and body, through which the power of the compression process is obtained, has been developed as a result of the most advanced technology and engineering studies and has been made to meet the needs best.

Full Press Pre-Press
Model NYP 15F NYP 30F NYP 45F NYP 60F NYP 05 NYP 15 NYP 30 NYP 45 NYP 60 NYP 90
Capacity (ton/day) Sunflower,Canola 25-35 40-60 60-80 80-100 30-50 130-150 250-300 350-450 500-600 700-900
Sunflower,Canola 50-60 80-100 120-150 160-180
Oil content in cake (%) 6-8 6-8 6-8 6-8 18-20 18-20 18-20 18-20 18-20 18-20
Main motor (kW) 75 160 250-315 315-355 55 110 250 400 500 800
Overall Dimensions NYP 05 NYP 15 NYP 30 NYP 45 NYP 60 NYP 90
Width (mm) 1000 1100 1100 1200 1400 1500
Height (mm) 1350 1600 1600 1600 1700 1800
Inlet Height (mm) 1800 2050 2050 2050 2200 2300
Weight (kg)* 5.000 11.300 12.400 16.000 25.000 28.000

* Main motor not included.


  • PLANETARY REDUCER, the planet reducer with silent operation, ensuring eternal life and high productivity, with low oil consumption, operating with cooled oil circulation by oil cooler; press and cooker reducers are planetary reducers in compact volume, which guarantee the most efficient, the most silent and vibration-free operation. With the reducers, which are the most critical element of power transmission system, productivity is improved by maintenance and failure free eternal life. Reducers are flange coupled to the press body and provide direct power transmission. It is a reducer of the most advanced technology, resistant to extreme conditions.

  • WORM AND COLLAR, Worms and Collars made of special alloy, strengthened by means of heat treatment or customs manufactured with armor as an alternative;
    Worms and Collars are designed to get the highest yield from the press. They are made of the materials with the longest life time, and subjected to special treatment. Surfaces have high hardness values thus long life is ensured.

  • FREQUENCY CONTROLLED FEEDING SCREW, The feeding screw of which revolution is frequency controlled, ensuring maximum feeding depending on the property of the material; revolution of the feeding screw is adjusted frequency controlled and thus maximum capacity operation of the press is ensured. Feeding screw is driven by a reducer motor.

  • THE MAIN SHAFT The shaft, which is cooled by permanent water circulation, ensures the best productivity. The main shaft of the press is equipped with a cooling system with stainless steel piping and special packing to ensure permanent cold water circulation.

  • HYDRAULIC CAGE OPENER, when cage is to be opened and closed, it opens and closes the cages very easily with the help of a strong telescopic piston and electric hydraulic power unit without feeling any difficulty and spending much time.

  • CAKE BREAKER (optional) is mounted on the press outlet section and it is designed to break the cake into smaller pieces, therefore it provides convenience for the transportation and capacity. Moreover, it helps the extractor work more efficiently and provides uniform size for the cake pieces.


The eqiupment consist of unique welding process, multi-layer hard facing, pure alloy on the final surface, high abrasion and corrosion resistance. The wear parts of screw presses (worms, collars, cage bars) are under the guarantee of HUM for 18 months in operation time. HUM collaborates with “T-1 Ada” company, which is specialized in corrosion and abrasion resistance spare parts manufacturing.

  • Milling out from one piece – very strong structure

  • Welding (hard facing) by robot in furnace under high temperature

  • 4-5 mm hard layer by side

  • Unique welding process, multi-layer hard facing, pure alloy on the final surface, high abrasion and corrosion resistance

  • Grinded and polished final surfaces

  • With threaded holes (easy disassembly)

  • Sealing groove (viton or stainless steel rings) to save the main shaft