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Sliding Bucket Type

HUM Extractor has been developed using the most advanced technology and engineering.

  • 50 to 5.000 ton/day Cake or Flake inlet capacity.
  • Low Material Bed, Large Extraction Surface
  • Double passage shallow bed extraction
  • No friction between extractor housing and the meal.
  • Long life time for stainless steel wedge wire screen plates
  • Delivery as pre-assembled due to its compact body structure
  • Easy transportation, simple installation on site.
  • An agitator extractor feeder fills the extractor buckets homogeneously with a variable speed multi-feed system continuous level control.
  • All bearings are in the extractor body, exctractor main gearbox bearing only outside, so there is no risk of solvent leakage.

With the best automation systems everything is under your control.


  • Compliant with all standard oil seed process
  • Min. personnel requirement, easy operation, easy maintenance.
  • High automation, digital control system delivered upon demand
  • Long drainage zone assures low solvent carry over to DTDC.
  • Planetary gearbox provides high torque with low electricity consumption.
  • In case of irregular product feeding, the extractor is not affected by the cake circulating in the buckets.
  • Low cost of maintenance.
  • PLC circuits can be changed easily via internet
  • Low mechanical moving parts
  • To prevent hexane escape into the atmosphere, the extractor feeder bunker always has a minimum cake height. The continuous level control system always ensures the minimum cake level.
  • There is no risk of clogging the screens due to specially V-profile stainless steel wedge wire screens
  • The product is turned upside down in half of the extraction time, this process provides a better and homogeneous filtration.
  • Minimal leakage risk thanks to simple and safe body design level on the cake is 100-120 mm, as a result of which there is a dipping effect in the cake.

HUM, as in all edible oil technologies, pioneers all companies in the market in extraction systems. The extraction systems, which HUM has developed and installed, are operating trouble free in the world.

HUM, which has been actively operating in the field of solvent based Oil seed extraction, is proud of his reference of tens of solvent extraction plants with capacity between 50 and 5.000 tons/day installed worldwide.

Based on his experience and the regular appearance in the market, HUM solvent extraction technology is being progressed continuously in order to meet the needs of the customers.


  • Oruçoğlu – Turkey
  • Yonca Gıda – Turkey
  • Noble – South Africa
  • Cargill/Turyağ – Turkey
  • Tariş Pamuk – Turkey
  • Bunge - Romania
  • Sodrugestvo – Turkey
  • Elita Gıda – Turkey
  • Elit Oil – Ukraine
  • Sumy – Ukraine
  • Klas Olio – Bulgaria
  • Protein Tech – Ukraine
  • Mapak – Pakistan
  • Aves – Turkey
  • Prodex – Russia
  • Seynar – Kazakistan