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HUM Crushing for the oilseed breaking (6-8 pieces) during the HUM Oil Seed Preparation Process, previous to the HUM Flakers, in order to improve the quality and capacity of the flaking.

CRUSHER Single Stage * Double Stage **
TYPE KS 313 KS 416 KS 421 KD 313 KD 416 KD 421
Capacity (Ton/24 hours) 500 1000 1250 500 1000 1250
Roll Quantity 2 2 2 2 x 2 2 x 2 2 x 2
Roll Dimensions (mm) 300 x 1300 400 x 1600 400 x 2100 300 x 1300 400 x 1600 400 x 2100
Main Motor Power (kW) 30 37,5 45 2 x 30 2 x 37,5 2 x 45
Weight (kg) 4.130 6.350 7.350 6.845 10.500 12.000
Length-Width-Height (mm) 2430 x 1800 x 1780 2800 x 1900 x 1850 3300 x 1900 x 1850 2530 x 1850 x 2400 2900 x 1900 x 2500 3400 x 1900 x 2500

*Recommend for soybean Warm Dehulling (HWDP) first stage crushing; then soybean will go through KD type crushers for second stage crushing.

** Recommended for Soybean Cold Dehulling Process

The HUM CRUSHER, a product of advanced technology;

  • Has ease of use and maximum safety

  • Has long lifetime with low operational cost

  • Has lower maintenance and maintenance cost

  • The rollers in HUM Crushers could be removed and assembled in one direction therefore the machines can be installed beside walls and because motors are on the machine, space is saved in the plant.

  • There are leading plates ensuring entry of seed between rollers and there are side plates preventing escape of seed to shaft bearings.

  • Amount of the material fed to the rollers is adjusted by level control mechanism.

  • A newly developed screw jack system that makes it easy to adjust the gap between rolls and equally brings the rolls together.

  • Two screws operating in reverse directions in the feeding bunker where the seeds are fed to the rollers ensure continuous circulation of seeds and prevent jamming. Also it provides feeding of seeds along the entire roller.

  • Roller bearings of the rollers have long life time and mounted on synthetic materials with anti-abrasive property. Bearings allow single direction thermal elongation and shrinkage.

  • Product sample could be easily taken through a special window at bottom and front.

These are the properties that make HUM CRUSHING exclusive.