We as HUM our main purposes are establishing facilities which will preeminently meet customer needs and expectations, realizing engineering and after-sale services by exceeding customer expectations, adding long lasting values to our country, our workers and the society within the scope of quality management systems, international engineering and production standards.

According to these purposes, we present those written below as our Quality policy;

  • Having a corner on the international market of vegetable oil sector with innovative designs and engineering solutions we have developed by using our knowledge and experience coming from our long-standing background,
  • Perpetuating the customer satisfaction we have provided through the projects which we have carried out up to the present and keeping this at the highest peak after today,
  • Being a team that works bodily in a healthy and safe environment in which workers can develop their skills and developing this team work constantly in cooperation,
  • Reviewing the system in a planned way as Senior Management, providing the perpetuity of the system and making system purposes to be understood clearly by conveying these to workers,
  • Constantly amending the performances of the procedures in the direction of efficiency and development of system by providing necessary resources,
  • Establishing cooperation which have a sustainable growth potential based on mutual trust with all of suppliers who have a part in service creation process,
  • Using and producing environment-friendly technologies for leaving a cleaner world to the next generations


Certificate of Comformity EU-Type Examination Certificate Certificate Oil Preheater Certificate Gost BMP Certificate 4000x9 Stages Cooker Certificate ISO 9001:2015 İzmir Certificate Ukr SEPRO